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Louisiana divorce attorneysLearn more about Louisiana divorce law. Louisiana is a community property state. All assets including your bank account, home, and personal property that has been accumulated during the marriage is owned by both spouses and upon divorce will be divided equally by the court unless you and your spouse agree to a different distribution.

Debt acquired by either spouse during the marriage is also divided equally. If you spouse accumulates a great deal of debt without your knowledge, you are still responsible for an equal amount. However, property that you owned before marriage is separate and not considered community property. For the complications that can arise, it is important to hire a Louisiana divorce attorney who specializes in family law.

In the event that you wish to divorce your spouse and there are no children involved, your attorney may file a no fault divorce. You do not need to make allegations against your spouse, but are required to live separate for at least one hundred eighty days. In the event that you and your spouse have a child, the separation requirement is one year before a divorce is granted. If your spouse has committed adultery or has a felony conviction, you may file for divorce on these grounds.

If your spouse has abused you or the children physically or sexually or has abandoned you for a year or more, your marriage may be terminated. Other considerations are living separately for at least two years. Your lawyer will advise you of the importance of listing the grounds for divorce especially if children are involved. You certainly want the judge to know if your spouse is a child abused when decisions for custody are made. It is wise to hire a Louisiana divorce attorney to guide you through the entire process so that the decisions you make will have a positive impact your future.

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