New Orleans Towing Service

Now TowingIf you need to have your vehicle transported, contact the best New Orleans towing for a professional driver who is experienced in emergency road service. Their wreckers are state of the art vehicles that are equipped to handle any situation. Whether your car has been in a collision, been impounded, or a simple breakdown, you want the assurance of knowing that your vehicle will be safely transported without incurring damage.

It is interesting to note that tow trucks are a relatively new invention. In 1916 Ernest Holmes, a garage worker, in Chattanooga, Tennessee pulled a car out of a small stream with the help of six men and some ropes. This gave him the idea to manufacture a wrecker that could easily tow vehicles and  recover disabled cars. This was the beginning of a very lucrative industry.

Unfortunately, not all towing companies offer reliable service. It is important to ask questions and check what others have to say about their experience. At New Orleans towing , you can be assured that your will receive outstanding service from a well qualified driver at an affordable rate. For more information, visit